Custom Utility Billing

DDM can customize billing for all properties. Our proprietary software allows us to parse metering data into specific Times-of-Use so that we can meet lease requirements and match prevailing utility rate periods. Tenants are billed monthly for their individual usage from the metering data received from the metering system, on the same schedule as the master meter utility. All billing is set up in DDM’s online billing system. By using a simple login to the DDM website at, tenants can see their current and past invoices. Each bill includes a beginning and ending reading as well as the utility rates. DDM’s service charge is passed on to residents as a line item on their bill.

• System Analysis and Design: Submetering feasibility studies; coordination of design and installation for new or updated systems; equipment recommendations suited   to your building’s unique parameters, goals, and budget.

• Automated Meter Reading (AMR): Fully automated electric, gas, water, and BTU readings via internet.

• Time-of-Use Billing and accurate allocation of costs for metered tenants, departments, or common area loads.

• Monitoring and maintenance

Remote Meter Reading

Current submetering technology transmits daily meter reads over the internet to DDM servers, where data is stored for at least a year. It is no longer necessary to dispatch meter technicians to your property each month to read meters.

Depending on the type of system and the needs of the property, data can range from one daily read per meter to 96 reads per day in 15-minute increments. That gives DDM a powerful diagnostic tool for any unexplained variance in usage. We promptly investigate questions from residents and help resolve complaints. Any variances in usage or maintenance issues are promptly reported to property management. 

Ratio Utility Billing (RUBS) – Where submetering is not economically or physically feasible, DDM can allocate utilities costs using Ratio Utility Billing (RUBS), either by occupancy, square footage, or some other formula. While not as accurate as submetering, it is an accepted method of recovering utility costs from tenants.

Diagnostics – DDM monitors its metering systems for variances and anomalies. With our online system, property managers have direct access into the system to view a wide range of reports.

Submetering Systems

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to submetering systems and services for commercial or residential multi-unit properties. DDM will confer with property owners and managers to determine their goals:

  • Utility Cost Recovery from Tenants
  • Equitable Allocation of Utility Costs
  • Energy Management/Conservation
  • Reduction in rent or HOA fees
  • Commercial “After-Hours” or “Over-Standard” Usage Recovery

We inspect the physical location to determine if submetering is a viable, cost-effective solution for your property. In business since 1996, DDM has established relationships with top metering and remote system manufacturers to offer you the most cost-effective solution for your facility. 

Submetering systems include both the actual electric, water or gas meters, and the technology to read the meters remotely through modem or internet. Our written proposal will clearly outline all costs for the installation of a working system. When you decide to move forward, we act as your Project Manager to oversee installation of the system. You get timely project reports along the way, you can relax knowing that the project is being fully handled by expert professionals.

Energy Management / Conservation

As energy and water prices continue to rise along with overloaded electric grids and increasingly severe water droughts, submetering is one of the most effective and equitable methods of energy management and conservation. Studies prove that when tenants pay for their own utilities, a powerful incentive is created to conserve electric, water and gas usage to save money. When metered individually, tenants have an incomparable tool to monitor and control their actual usage, motivating them to decrease consumption. Submetering is the fairest method of cost allocation, where conservative tenants no longer subsidize large users.

The ability to control energy consumption via submetering in residential and commercial markets creates a positive impact on the environment. LEED and Green energy building designs are quickly becoming a requirement across the country and submetering is a critical component for certification. As an award-winning Green Certified business with 28 years of experience, DDM can help your property take the leap into the 21st Century in energy management and conservation.

Design, Sales, and Installation

Provided by WH Tech Services, Inc.

We are a part of the California Green Business Network – City of Ventura

Let Us Automate Your Facilities

Our software automates the manual meter reading and billing processes that currently eats up valuable time every month, giving your team time to focus on more important responsibilities.


Our mission is to help commercial and residential property owners and managers control energy costs
via submetering through equitable allocation based on actual individual usage.
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