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There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to submetering systems and services for residential or commercial multi-unit properties. DDM will meet with property management to determine your goals. We inspect the physical location and determine whether submetering is a viable solution for your facility.


For our Multi-Tenant properties, tenants are billed monthly for their individual usage from the metering data received from the metering system. We are also able to calculate charges based on Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS) in cases where submetering is not possible or cost-prohibitive.


At a time in history where we are experiencing overloaded electric grids and increasingly severe water droughts, DDM believes that submetering is one of the most effective (and fair) methods of energy conservation. Studies prove that when tenants are responsible for paying for their own utilities, a powerful incentive is created to conserve electric, gas and water usage in order to save money.

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Residential and Commercial Electric, Gas, and Water Submetering

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Let Us Automate Your Facilities

Our software automates the manual meter reading and billing processes that currently eats up valuable time every month, giving your team time to focus on more important responsibilities.

A big Thanks for the service we experienced with DDM, on so many occasions. It is always a pleasure to deal with the company and we appreciate their smooth operations.

William Martin

Property Manager, Seabridge Condominium Services Ltd.

Our clients are satisfied with both sales and after sales services and the construction support was great during installation.

Emma Harrison

VP Development, Project Management, Inc.

I enjoy working with the folks from DDM, they are quite conscientious in completing the projects.

Alexandria Lucas

Account Specialist, Risk Management Energy Inc.
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