DDM works with various commercial properties, ranging from high-rise office buildings, office campuses, industrial facilities, mixed-use properties, shopping plazas and marinas. Utilities management for commercial properties requires accurate measurement and allocation of energy costs and usage. Submetering technology and data, in 15-minute increments, enables DDM to customize tenant billing according to individual lease requirements and to provide critical load information to building engineers. Control of property energy usage is necessary to save energy and to make informed decisions about how and where energy utilization occurs. Ultimately this directly results in savings and improved bottom line margins. Without submetered monitoring of the tenant or internal facility operations, inaccurate allocations occur; money is lost, and energy is wasted. DDM works closely with building owners and managers on all aspects of an efficient utilities management program, including:

• System Analysis and Design: Submetering feasibility studies; coordination of design and installation for new or updated systems; equipment recommendations suited to your building’s unique parameters, goals, and budget.

• Automated Meter Reading (AMR): Fully automated electric, gas, water, and BTU readings via internet.

• Time-of-Use Billing and accurate allocation of costs for metered tenants, departments, or common area loads.

• Monitoring and maintenance


DDM provides a full-service option for municipalities to outsource their utility billing, including water, sewer, electric, gas, broadband and other charges. With our team of experienced staff, we process and send monthly utility billing, payment reminders, late notices, disconnect notices and occasional inserts by mail or email. Through our online portal, customers pay utility charges, update contact information, and review their billing and usage history. Financial and usage reporting is customized in accordance with municipality needs. Our billing platform is easily accessible to municipal staff. A live, bi-lingual customer service center fields questions and problems. Outsourcing can save money, time and mitigate the risk of being short staffed.


DDM provides submetering services to a wide variety of Multi-Family properties, ranging from high-rise luxury condos and HOA communities to apartment buildings and mobile home parks.

Studies have proven that submetering is the most effective way to stop escalating utility usage and to control costs. When residents understand that they are being accurately metered and are only paying for what they really use, it creates a powerful incentive to conserve utilities to save money. By installing individual meters, the benefits to the property will include:

  • Fair and accurate allocation of actual usage and costs for each residence.
  • A decrease in your property’s overall utility usage.
  • The opportunity to decrease HOA or rent fees by removing the utilities surcharge.
  • An increase in property value based on being more competitive with lower HOA or rent fees.
  • Professional outsourced meter reading, billing, reporting, and customer service.

Where submetering is not economically or physically feasible, DDM can allocate utilities costs using Ratio Utility Billing (RUBS), either by occupancy, square footage, or some other formula. While not as accurate as submetering, it is an accepted method of recovering utility costs from tenants. Without professional utilities management, the process of allocation, accuracy and recovery is prone to error and burdens the property with hard-to-forecast, escalating utility costs.

We are a part of the California Green Business Network – City of Ventura

Let Us Automate Your Facilities

Our software automates the manual meter reading and billing processes that currently eats up valuable time every month, giving your team time to focus on more important responsibilities.


Our mission is to help commercial and residential property owners and managers control energy costs
via submetering through equitable allocation based on actual individual usage.
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